Relationship & Couple Counselling

We live our lives through our relationships. Research into what matters most to people consistently finds that close relationships, especially family relationships, rank higher than anything else.

Our sense of who we are is intimately associated with our relationships - both to other people and the contexts in which we live. When relationships do not give us what we need, we no longer have our lose our sense of comfort and confidence about the person that we are.

When relationships go seriously wrong, powerful psychological processes come into operation, at often times we are not fully aware of this, and they can have unwanted consequences on our mental wellbeing and causing psychological distress.

Therapy Partners specialise in helping couples - married or not - help build and sustain strong, fulfilling, healthy relationships, by providing support in times of relationship difficulty.




Common relationship issues:

  • Infidelity and affairs
  • Feeling “‘Stuck”’
  • Intimacy problems
  • Jealousy and suspicion
  • Breaks Up’s
  • Divorce

The purpose of Couples Therapy is to help you stay together as a couple unless you expressly wish to separate, in which case, Relationship Counselling can help you to do so more amicably.


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