Therapy & Counselling Testimonials

A snippet of some of the feedback we have received from colleagues, trainees and clients.

  • My partner and I wanted to express our Thanks and gratitude to Alan at Therapy Partners in Poundbury for the helpful support and guidance we received during our couples counselling sessions. Alan offered a welcoming space and gave us hope and understanding that we hadn't found anywhere else. Navigating the complexities of a relationship can be challenging, but their compassionate approach and insights, helped us to understand each other on a deeper emotional level and helped rebuild the strong relationship we feared we had lost Alan allowed us to openly share our feelings and work through our issues collaboratively. The techniques and strategies we gained equipped us and have not only improved our communication but have also enriched our relationship in ways we couldn't have imagined. We are now more patient, understanding, and supportive of each other. We are truly thankful for the positive impact you've had on our lives and our relationship. To anyone considering couples counselling, we cannot recommend Therapy Partners in Poundbury enough. Thank you for helping us find our way back to each other.

    Couples Client, January 2024

  • I have found your service a complete lifeline, a necessary part of my mental health toolkit and something I feel every adult should have as compulsory! In fact, what I have come to learn, is that 8 weeks of counselling at an acute crisis point is helpful, but it cannot possibly match the ebbs and flows of mental health that can be strained unexpectedly on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is for this reason that I recognise ongoing therapy is remarkably effective. It gives the space and time for a therapist and client to work together to strategise and test effective models that can work long term. By having a positive external guiding compass to help a client keep sight of these strategies during times of stress, rather than after the event, it reduces the depth and longevity of any effects caused by stressful events and creates the protective cushioning a healthy resilient adult requires in order to navigate the everyday turbulence of life! It’s been a transformative journey for me!

    Client, November 2023

  • Thank you for the training that was delivered on Tuesday, I think our staff got a lot out of it. There have been lots of references back to the content when I have been talking to staff about key children which is fab!

    SENDCO, Beaver Green School, September 2023

  • When I started working with Uruj, I was nervous about finding a good match. However, I was immediately struck by her calm and easy demeanour, which put me at ease about sharing some extremely difficult things. She listens intently, draws upon a vast amount of detail from previous sessions, and understands the pace at which I need to process my thoughts. Uruj uses her professional knowledge to engage with me as an individual. I have studied psychology at A level, and I appreciate her use of psychological sciences and models as tools to help me unpack my experiences. Furthermore, she never ends a session without checking to ensure I'm okay, even if our scheduled session time has ended. This level of care is something I greatly appreciate.

    Client, September 2023

  • The best decision I ever made, was picking up the phone and contacting the Therapy Partners. In the three years since I started using the service, I have been supported through some of the most challenging times of my life. My therapist, Alan, has provided me with the tools and support I have needed in a professional, caring and responsive way. I have felt bolstered by the tools Alan has developed with me in resilience, boundaries, stress management, communication and self care. This service has delivered the support I need in a way that has been unmatched by any other support service, so I would have no hesitation in recommending The Therapy Partners.

    Client, July 2023

  • Thank you so much for all your work with our students this year, you really make a difference and help them in so many ways.

    Senior Assistant Head, July 2023

  • The session has really helped our cause. Debate is always good as it means that people are listening. Absolutely, I’m sure we will meet again soon.

    Session Participant, June 2023

  • Andy is a very easy person to talk to and a very good listener. He has a way of understanding and knows just what to say to help. I have gained some very useful tips from him. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Andy. I would highly recommend.

    Client, Birchington, April 2023

  • I’ve found our meetings during the past few months very helpful and constructive, and I thank you for being very patient, a good listener and non-judgemental. As a result, I’ve felt very relaxed in your company and that’s helped me to open up and discuss the various issues that were impacting my mental well-being. Added to that, the whole experience has been simple and straightforward and not bound by any homework or detailed questionnaires about the process or techniques being used.

    Client, Dorset, April 2023

  • Invicta Health has commissioned Therapy Partners to support us in delivering our health and well being initiatives across the organisation. This work is key to us as staff have been under extreme pressure and face a number of challenges in their work so we are keen to build their resilience and provide opportunities for them to develop individually and as teams. The staff have found this support invaluable, giving them strategies for coping and developing and time/space to tackle their issues be that individual or as a service. Staff report that they feel supported and more resilient and as an organisation we are seeing the benefits as they develop solutions and manage the pressures much more positively. Comments from the staff include; ‘The resilience training has helped me cope with the pressure of the job and deal better with the patients’ ‘ I feel more confident in my role ‘ ‘ As a team we are better able to support each other especially when one of us is struggling’ ‘ I feel happier and more relaxed at work and feel the organisation values me’ Both the organisation and staff would highly recommend Therapy Partners and their coaches.

    Invicta Health, March 2023

  • I would like to thank you for the sessions that we undertook at BMC. As you know I was a fairly new manager and I felt that I was muddling my way through my role. I am very grateful to you for your guidance and support in relation to these coaching sessions. Your method of questioning allowed me to self-reflect and I had several 'light bulb' moments which then gave me clarity in relation to both work and personal matters. In short, I found these sessions extremely beneficial.

    Participant in Coaching session, March 2023

  • Dave was very knowledgeable, open minded and personable. A very informative and good discussion.

    Participant in MHA Training, Feb 2023

  • From the start, I’ve found it very easy to discuss my issues and inner thoughts with Alan of Therapy Partners. The Consultation Sessions have been held in a very relaxing atmosphere and Alan has listened intently before providing sound guidance and advice about possible actions I should consider implementing to help me overcome or reduce the impact of the issues affecting my life. Added to that, there’s been no form filling or time pressure placed upon me to achieve any specific targets. I’m well pleased with my experience of Therapy Partners.

    Jeff, Dorset, Dec 2022

  • I was very reluctant at first and didn’t want to talk as I didn't see what the point was. Donna then became relatable, showed interest in my hobbies but more importantly talked to me more like someone my age rather than an adult. As a result of this I opened up, confided in Donna and to my surprise found our sessions helpful. I got lots of useful tips from Donna on how to deal with certain situations and my feelings. I'll recommend and will visit again if I need to at any point in the future.

    Saskia, 2022

  • I lost my son to suicide 6 years ago, in that time I trained in suicide prevention and have delivered training in Kent. I had never before had any form of counselling, until this year I had counselling with Dave Woodward. After one session I felt so much better and was able to get a full peaceful nights sleep.The work he has done with me has been amazing in particular the worry tree, Dave have turned my life around.

    Jenny, Kent, 2022

  • I went to Claire at Therapy partners after being diagnosed with depression & anxiety. I was so down, feeling worthless & no good to anyone it was affecting my life, my husbands & even the kids. it took 3 years but Claire was amazing in helping me address my mental health issues & I'm now in the best place I have been for probably 30 years. She has literally saved my life, my marriage & my relationship with my kids. She is amazing & I will forever be in her debt

    Lloyd, Kent, May 2022

  • was worried about going back into therapy but I finally met Jane, I cannot say a big enough thank you. Jane made me feel listened to, even saying “you are sick enough and worthy of treatment”. I was able to bring my concerns to her without being shut down, she was honest and genuine. I don’t see her as a stranger, more of a very wise friend who always makes my life just a little easier. Sessions with Jane are my time where I can talk about me, uninterrupted. I’m not saying my eating is perfect and that it’s not a daily struggle but for the first time in my life I can see progress from therapy which I’ve never had, and I always know that she is genuinely happy for me. I never feel scared to tell her anything or judged and I now know that the dark days are not here forever, they come and they go but when the good days come, you make them count.

    Georgie, Kent, May 2022

  • I wanted to email to say a huge thank you for both Sallie and Hollie joining us today and running the workshops with years 5 and 6. I spoke with some children after school and they really took a great deal from the sessions – they could tell me so much of what they had learned and clearly enjoyed them very much. I appreciate you all offering such fantastic enrichment opportunities for our pupils and helping them to understand what can be some very challenging topics.

    Billy Harrington - Acting Headteacher Aylesford Primary School

  • 5 stars “Therapy Partners were professional and excellent service during one of the hardest periods of my life, I was able to learn a lot about myself with the support of my counsellor.”

    Phoebe, Dorset

  • I’ve found the sessions so far very helpful and it’s helped me to learn to put myself as priority now and then which is something I’ve always struggled with.

    Kirsty, Service User, November 2020

  • Thanks to you, Claire and Chloe, I think we have a more settled Lydia. She has benefited from her sessions with Therapy Partners and should she need further support in the future we know she would be happy to see Claire again.

    Suzanne, Medway

  • We are having half term off, then my Daughter would like a couple of more sessions with Michelle! This is really helping her, I'm so pleased!!

    Emma, Tonbridge February 2020

  • It’s amazing. I don’t feel like I am the only one. I can see that I’m not a failure by having anxiety, anyone can have it and for so many reasons. I love the fact that my voice is being heard. Why should I be ashamed or feel guilty? The support has been amazing” Thank you so much.

    Callie, Gravesend Jan 2020

  • Hi Alan, things are a lot better and I'm working on my communication thanks for all your helped me to see things from a different perspective and gained insight into the root cause of my relationship Issues I would recommend your services to others seeking help with their relationships

    Abbey, Medway, Jan 2020

  • Very knoweldeageble and enjoyable morning - thank you!

    Training Atendee

  • The quality of the provision has been exemplary. Our students have been both supported and upskilled as a result of our partnership. I have seen students’ confidence develop, as well as their whole demeanour, as part of our programme.

    Julie Derrick, Headteacher

  • I honestly cant think of any improvements...I got seen within a couple of week sof being referred. I made so much progress with this treatment, my therpaist was amazing and made me feel comfortable.

    Service User

  • I learned so much from today - thank you so much!

    Training Atendee

  • I am so glad I was referred to this service, I couldnt have asked for more.

    Service User

  • Both Alan and his colleagues, are extremely professional. Their passion for wellbeing and the personal development of our students exudes.

    Julie Derrick, Headteacher

  • If I had waited any longer for help I don’t think I could have gotten better. I want to go to Uni and get on with my life but I can’t as I have this awful thing that stops me doing anything. Now I see you I am not thinking about food all the time and there feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel. You talking to my mum has really helped me with her too.

    Young Person, Swale

  • I feel much better about myself now and I realise that I eat unhealthily. I know what to do about it now.

    Young Person, Dartford

  • Our students are genuinely very positive about the Therapy Partners’ support and indeed, I do not think that we would have achieved what we have with particular students so quickly if it were not for Therapy Partners. The outcome of the support is certainly worth it – our parents have also commented on how they feel supported too.

    Julie Derrick, Headteacher

  • The online support was really helpful and meant I could access my therapist just to talk through issues that may have arisen. I would like to thank Therapy Partners for working in a way that is flexible, it really helped me.

    Young Person, Thanet

  • Without Therapy Partners, I would have no support for our problems because other services I’ve been referred to haven't offered anything.

    Mum, Ramsgate

  • I work with a woman who is suffering with Anorexia Nervosa & following the course I have been conscious of my actions and re-acting accordingly. This is proving to have a positive effect on our relationship. I have ordered the book which youadvised and this should be arriving shortly.

    Social Inclusion Coordinator, Carers Organisation

  • I found the training informative and an enjoyable session. The lived experience and the information I gained will really help me with my work supporting young people.

    Support Worker, Children’s Charity