Rewrite Your Story

Therapy Partners have a special focus on children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing, and launched Rewrite Your Story, a charity supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people, in 2017.


Rewrite Your Story aims to support children and young people suffering from eating disorders, and those close to them including parents, friends and teachers. Our work has a special focus on early intervention and quick referral to treatment rates. With initial sessions being scheduled within a week of referall.

A pilot study conducted across Kent, funded by the NHS saw that with support groups, presentations and therapy amazing results could be achieved, especially in early intervention of eating disorders. We received many referrals and were able to treat patients quickly, reaching over 2500 young people through school assemblies and presentations and providing eating disorder awareness training for professionals. READ MORE HERE

This pilot was the inspiration for launching the charity, Rewrite Your Story, so that we might be able to continue our work with the local Kent community, especially its children and young people, offering support, guidance and therapy.

The website has a powerful 10-minute video featuring some of the young women who have been able to Rewrite their own stories and beat their eating disorders, along with information, training, advice, and a support system not only for those suffering but for their loved ones.

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