Whole School Approach

We have recently pioneered a whole school approach to support, working with an Academy Trust of 15 local schools, to develop support and services for the entire school community, from primary school age through to university - a young person's entire educational career.

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We understand that a young person's educational career and personal life can bring with it transitional periods and changes which can potentially have a negative effect on mental health. Through our holistic approach, we address these effects BEFORE they occur. This is achieved through awareness raising, workshops, assemblies and therapeutic support. 

Our whole school approach has a focus not only on students but on developing relationships within the school community, mediation, peer and group therapy, family therapy and professional training. In this way, we are able to ensure that the school as a whole benefit from therapeutic support and expert training, providing the best educational environment for our children and young people, strengthening families and supporting staff. 


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'We have been blessed to work with the Therapy Partners this year.  The quality of the provision has been exemplary. Our students have been both supported and upskilled as a result of our partnership.  I have seen students' confidence develop, as well as their whole demeanour, as part of our programme.

Both Alan and his colleagues are extremely professional. Their passion for wellbeing and the personal development of our students exudes.  

Our students are genuinely very positive about the Therapy Partners' support and indeed, I do not think that we would have achieved what we have with particular students so quickly if it were not for Therapy Partners.  The outcome of the support is certainly worth it -- our parents have also commented on how they feel supported too.' - Headteacher and CEO


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