Family Therapy

The family that we are born into and the family that we make, the way we were raised as children and the way we raise our own, our family relationships - all intrinsically impact every aspect of our lives; who we are, how we love, how we communicate, how we understand the world and others.

It is not uncommon to experience dysfunction within a family, and it can be caused for a multitude of reasons; death, divorce, breakdown in communication, behavioural or emotional problems, transitions, unlimitedly causing the family unit to suffer.

There are a variety of different types of Family Therapy, depending on your needs or individual situation, but these can include;
  • Structural – addresses patterns of interaction that create problems in a family. After an initial assessment, a therapist will draw a chart, highlighting the family structure, including hierarchy, boundaries and sub relationships. This, in turn, helps the therapist and family to identify where changes can be made. 
  • Systemic – addresses issues on an individual level, whilst also looking into the relationships and interactions within the group and their dynamics, helping the family as a while developing new patterns of behaviour together.
  • Strategic – addresses and solves the problem at the current point in time. The therapist becomes actively involved in helping to turn their clients lives around, rather than passively observing 
  • Narrative – helps people to identify their values, and how to use these values to aid them to confront the issues they face. The therapist and client become co-authors in a new narrative about themselves, their lives and their family. 
  • Solution Focused – Focuses on achieving the clients' goals and visions, by driving the conversation towards actively searching for solutions to problems. 


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